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Workplace Spanish® specializes in easy-to-use Spanish learning materials for specific occupations.  Our materials are non-academic and are used for both class training & self-study. 

Users learn specific terms, questions & expressions that are frequently used in their occupation.  We work hard to provide responsive, friendly customer service.  Visit our customer list.


You DON'T have to be fluent to -- Communicate Effectively !

Workplace Spanish® Learning Materials . . .

  • Job-Specific Phrases for your occupation & Basic Expressions for Everyday Conversation

  • No grammar to learn / No alphabet to memorize

  • Well-organized, easy to use / Designed for newcomers to Spanish

Avoid Communication Frustration

  • Learn only what you will use - no need to learn "the whole language"

  • Build teamwork - morale - efficiency

  • Improve customer service - patient care - supervision

Workplace Spanish® since 1998

  • 100,000+ users in government - health care - business & industry

  • Thousands of consumers learning on their own

  • Over 400 colleges have used our materials for adult education & corporate training

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More than 100,000 people have trusted Workplace Spanish® for basic Spanish job-specific communication skills.  Responsiveness is our hallmark.  Read comments from our customers