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1. eBOOKS - purchase the "eBook" to download the learning manual in PDF format.   You can use it on ANY Tablet, SmartPhone, eReader or PC – AND you can also print the program.  Prices vary from $7.99 to $9.99 per individual user. Unlike an eBook from a library, our eBooks DO NOT EXPIRE.

2. AUDIO PROGRAM - Purchase the "Audio" to download the MATCHING MP3 AUDIO TRACKS for that learning program.   Prices vary from $5.99 to $7.99 per individual user.   Audio tracks are in MP3 format for use in iTunes, an MP3 player, a PC or Tablet computer.

PLEASE NOTE: while the audio tracks can be used without an eBook, they were created specifically to go with the material in the eBook. They proceed at a quick pace and are most beneficial when used with the eBook.

3. LEGAL NOTICE: The eBook & audio programs ARE COPYRIGHTED and are for individual use only (see the "Single-user License Agreement".   Schools & Instructors must purchase a download for each student.

To order multiple downloads,
enter the quantity desired in the order boxes below - you need only download the program once but can print it for each user. We will email a license for the number purchased.


TO ORDER – select the title(s) you want and enter the quantity desired in the box(es) below. Then click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the page.
  • During checkout, you will be prompted for a "shipping method" – chose "Download" – there is no charge.

  • Your blue "DOWNLOAD LINK" will be included on the final "Order Summary Page" and in the "Order Confirmation email Receipt" that you will receive after completing your order.   This download link is available for 3 days or for 3 download attempts.


TO DOWNLOAD the eBook or Audio program – click on the link in your "Order Summary" or your "Order Confirmation email". Be sure you download the materials to your PC or Mac -- do NOT download them directly to a mobile device.

  • When the popup window appears - select "Save to Disk" to save the file to your desktop or other download location. The download process will take 1 to 3 minutes depending on the file size and your internet connection speed.

  • For eBook Files: When the download is complete, access the saved file on your computer and open it in Adobe Reader; it will be ready to use and print.  Refer to your own software to transfer the file to a SmartPhone, Tablet or e-Reader.

  • For Audio Tracks: When the download is complete, access the saved file on your computer and extract it using your unzip program; the tracks will be extracted to a folder named "WS-Audio Program Title".   Double click this on folder to view the individual audio tracks; double click any audio track to listen to it.   Refer to your own software information to import the audio tracks into iTunes, an MP3 player, a SmartPhone or Tablet, or to burn them to a CD.

If you are not familiar with downloading and accessing files, "how to" information is widely available on the internet.   If you experience problems with the downloaded program itself, contact us at 770-993-4075 during business hours 8:30 to 5:30 CST – Monday to Friday.


Program Titles (eBook / Audio) Order
MP3 Audio
Auto Sales & Service $8.99 / $5.99
Banking $9.99 / $6.99
City & County Government $9.99 / $6.99
Code Enforcement $7.99 / $5.99
Construction $9.99 / $6.99
Corrections Officers $9.99 / $6.99
Court Systems $9.99 / $6.99
Customer Service $9.99 / $6.99
Firefighters & EMS $9.99 / $6.99
Golf Superintendents $8.99 / $5.99
Health Care $8.99 / $6.99
Homeowners $7.99 / $5.99
Hospitals & Nurses $9.99 / $6.99
Hotels & Hospitality $9.99 / $6.99
Human Resources $9.99 / $6.99
Inglés para Trabajadores $8.99 / $5.99
Law Enforcement $9.99 / $6.99
Pharmacists $8.99 / $5.99
Real Estate $9.99 / $6.99
Restaurant & Food Service $8.99 / $5.99
Retailers & Supermarkets $8.99 / $5.99
Supervisors & Manufacturing $9.99 / $6.99
Teachers & School Administrators $9.99 / $6.99
Trabajadores Industriales $8.99 / $5.99
Travelers & Tourists $9.99 / $6.99
Utility / Cable / Telecom $7.99 / $5.99

workplace spanish